9th November N/A Minutes
24th August N/A Minutes BEVA General statement on LA3
BEVA markup of LA3 map
11th May N/A Minutes DEF Response to Sustainability Scoping Consultation
23rd February N/A Minutes Air Quality Report updates
10th November N/A Minutes
25th August N/A Minutes Transport infrastructure report
12th May N/A Minutes none
25th February N/A Minutes none
12th November N/A Minutes
27th August N/A Minutes none
14th May N/A Minutes DEF Bus Questionnaire
Population Presentation
Population Lobby Points
26th February N/A Minutes none
27th November N/A Minutes
22nd September N/A Minutes
22nd May N/A Minutes
20th February N/A Minutes
21st November N/A Minutes Plastic bag info
22nd August N/A Minutes
23rd May N/A Minutes EA Concerns re West Herts College site Hemel Hempstead.pdf, TravelSmart in Hemel Hempstead.pdf
17th January N/A Minutes
18th October N/A Minutes Home Energy Projects.ppt, Warm Homes info.ppt, Final Luton Expansion Plan.ppt
19th July N/A Minutes
17th May N/A Minutes Veolia Water presentation to DEF.ppt, Veolia Water's drought website, Veolia Drought Management Reply.doc, Veolia Drought Management Response.doc
19th January N/A Minutes Berkhamsted Climate Change Debate, Luton Airport Briefing Note.pdf
20th October N/A Minutes
21st July N/A Minutes Allotments Report.pdf, SPAE Minutes.pdf
7th April N/A Minutes Allotment Review.pdf, DEF - allotment review discussion notes.pdf, Update on the Dacorum Partnership.pdf, training session promotion community.doc
20th January N/A Minutes DEF Action Plan 2011 v1.doc, Presentation Air Quality in Dacorum.pdf, Letter HC to Mr Harvey DEF.pdf
14th October N/A Minutes Draft DEF Food Strategy.pdf, Maylands Green Energy Project.pdf, Update on the Dacorum Partnership.pdf
15th July N/A Minutes Updating the Sustainable Community Strategy.pdf, Small Blue back from extinction.pdf, PAS2050 etc G Edwards.pdf, EA - The Environment in Hertfordshire.pdf, DEF Biodiversity update.pdf, Community Champion Award Poster.pdf, Community Champion Award nomination form.pdf, Rudolphs Report part1.pdf, Rudolphs Report part2.pdf
15th April N/A Minutes Proposals for structure.pdf, Green Space Strategy Consultation GE response.doc, Chris Taylor Presentation.doc
21st January N/A Minutes Dacorum Partnership Annual Report 2009.pdf, Dacorum Partnership Structure 2009.pdf, Allotments a Community Resource.pdf, Allotment information.pdf, Rudolphs Report.pdf
15th October N/A Minutes
15th July N/A Minutes Affordable Warmth Strategy.doc, Affordable Warmth Strategy briefing.doc, LDF Core Strategy - Explanatory Note.pdf, Eco Team EOSC Presentation.doc, DEF Water group report.doc, CAfE Energy auditing standard course.doc
Other information.doc
19th March N/A Minutes Garrick Stevens Eco Teams.ppt, DEF letter for support.doc, CSG Award nomination form.doc, CSG Roadshow poster.pdf, Developing Sustainable Food Strategies F3- proposal.doc, Addendum to Minutes.doc
15th January N/A N/A
16th October N/A Minutes Transition Towns 16-10-2008.pdf, Expression of Interest Form LAA Grant.doc, Briefing note - Sustanability week January -DEF.doc
10th July N/A Minutes A Hardstaff Dacorum Partnership Jul08.pdf, Note on LDF Jul08.doc, T&B Cycling Campaign Jul08.ppt
27th March N/A Minutes
17th January N/A Minutes
25th October N/A Minutes
26th July N/A Minutes
19th April N/A Minutes
11th January N/A Minutes