Meetings and events in 2017:

26th March
 10 am - 1pm  Management session on Halsey field  On site
28 March
 7.30pm  Annual General Meeting  Gadebridge Community Centre (next to Rossgate shops)
Monday 15 May  5 am  Dawn Chorus Walk  Halsey Field
 Monday 29 May  9 pm  Moth Trapping  Halsey Field
Sunday 16th July 10.30am - 4 pm  Open Day  Halsey Field
 Saturday 12th July  9.00 pm-11.45 pm  Moth Survey  Halsey Field
Wednesday 13th Sept 10.00 am-1pm Work party Halsey Field
Sunday 17th Sept 10.00 am-1pm Work party - Friends to rake grass Halsey Field
Sat 7th October  8am-10am Small Mammal Survey  Halsey Field
Thurs 23rd November  9.30am - 3.00pm Osborne Group team building day  Halsey Field
Sunday 26th November  10am - 1.00pm Work party - Friends helped by CSHCV  Halsey Field