Birds Foot Trefoil
Bird'sfoot trefoil is an important plant for butterflies. both the Common Blue butterfly and the Dingy Skipper lay their eggs on the leaves.
Pyramidal Orchid
Pyramidal Orchid is a typical chalk grassland orchid which grows in abundance on Halsey field in mid July. It is an important nectar source for moths and butterflies.
Teasel with red-tailed bumblebee
Teasel with Red-tailed Bumblebee. Teasels are loved by bees for their nectar and their tiny seeds are eaten by Goldfinch.
Bee Orchid
The Bee orchid is another chalk loving plant which grows on the Halsey field. Like many orchids, this plant has a complicated life cycle involving fungus, and can take up to seven years to produce a flower. Please don't pick it!!