Welcome to the Dacorum Environmental Forum Waste Group website. The Waste Group is a small working group within DEF concerned with waste and its management.

The generation and management of waste materials affect the environment and its sustainability in many ways. One key consideration is the energy that has been used to produce and transport the products from which waste materials derive, which in turn is a key factor in Climate Change. We believe that the best ways of dealing with potential waste, in order of importance are:

  1. Don't generate it in the first place
  2. Prolong its life by repair and/or re-use
  3. Make use of its material components through recycling, composting or energy recovery


On this site you can find information on our activities, together with suggestions for how you can help as an individual. We would be particularly grateful for your tips and ideas related to waste for incorporation into this site - in particular any new ideas for individual consumers to reduce waste at source (see "Featured Articles"), and additional "Where to take" information for recyclable materials. Click on "Contact Us" for a 'phone number and E-mail address.

Be inspired! See how one family reduced its waste to one bin per year, by clicking on the link. One bin per year