Provision of additional wetlands

The DEF Water Group has always considered the provision of wetlands for a wide variety of environmental reasons and particularly adjacent to the headwaters of chalk streams where they can assist with returning water to the aquifer.

The Wetland Partnership launched The Wetland Vision on 7th July, 2008. 'Large areas of wetland need to be created, protected and restored across England in the next 50 years if we are to meet the challenges of the future'.

The Partnership has produced a series of detailed maps showing the loss and fragmentation of the country’s wetlands, and where opportunities exist, to create new ones. The maps and the information behind them will help target the restoration and creation of fen, bog, reedbed, grazing marsh, ponds, wet grassland and woodland. Many different organisations will beed to be involved with this work. This should form part of the ecosystem approach advocated by the Government.

The partnership’s Vision is of a future where wetlands are a significant feature of the landscape in which wildlife can flourish. It will be a future in which heritage is recognised and safeguarded; where everyone can enjoy wetlands for quiet recreation and tranquillity. Vitally, it will be a future where wetlands are valued both for the roles they play in helping us deal with some of the challenges of the 21st century, and in improving and sustaining our quality of life.

More information can be found at the following website address.

Author: Roger Hands, 2nd August 2008