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This Home page gives the background to the establishment of the Forum and explains its main objectives.


The Dacorum Environmental Forum (DEF) was re-established on the 25 November 1993 as a partnership initiative between Dacorum Borough Council and the Community. The principal aims of the Forum are to:

  • Promote dialogue on environmental issues.
  • Promote wider community involvement in and awareness of environmental protection.
  • Work towards the development and implementation of a Local Agenda 21 Strategy (Community Plan) for the Borough.


In the years since its launch the DEF has undergone a number of fundamental changes. In January 2008 it became an affiliate group of the Dacorum Partnership along with groups focused on Police, Health, Housing, Social and related issues, becoming the leader of the theme ‘Creating a Cleaner and Healthier Environment’. DEF developed an action plan which was endorsed by the Dacorum Partnership Board. However In December 2011, after consultation with the partners represented on the Board, it was decided to fold the Dacorum Partnership Board and to move forward with the Destination Dacorum Board which would not include representatives from DEF.

In addition the environmental debate at local, national and international level has further developed. A new set of objectives and Terms of Reference for the DEF has been developed to reflect these changes and developments, and to assist the DEF in its continuing work to protect and improve the state of the environment for the Borough of Dacorum and its citizens.

Objectives of the Dacorum Environmental Forum

  • To promote public interest in environmental issues and stimulate local action.
  • To address local environmental issues and their causes.
  • To provide an opportunity for all interested groups, organisations and individuals within the Borough to meet and exchange information and to work in partnership to promote the protection and improvement of the local environment and contribute to the resolution of global problems.
  • To act as a Forum to highlight environmental concerns and issues and, where appropriate, to seek a consensus and to promote solutions through dialogue with Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) and other agencies


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