Water Saving Measures

Water supplies in Hertfordshire are under severe pressure. A number of factors contribute to this, such as low yearly rainfall and a large, increasing population. Therefore it is important that everyone must make water conservation measures a priority in our daily lives.

Some of the measures below are ways to help conserve water. By everyone making a commitment to reduce and recycle water at home we can make a real difference and will help to benefit our water environment, e.g. local rivers.

Measures must go beyond not leaving the tap running when you clean your teeth - but, it’s a start! Other simple ideas for water conservation are listed below:

· Put a plug in the basin to wash hands.
· Install a water meter
· Install a grey water recycling system that re-uses bathroom water to flush the toilet.
· Fit a water butt to any downpipe; there may be a concession from DBC
· Have showers, not baths (not power showers)
· Check all new appliances, e.g. dishwashers, washing machines for water and energy efficiency and wait till you have a full load before you use either.
· Use porous paving materials, e.g. gravel to allow water to drain back to the aquifer.
· Plant drought resistant plants and turf in the garden. Check with your local garden centre
· Water plants, vegetables where necessary by seep hose, not spraying and never waste water on a lawn! Buckets and watering cans are even better way to water your plants and vegetables. · Wash your fruit and vegetables in a bowl.
· Wash your dishes in a bowl of water instead of a running tap
· In old type toilets use a hippo (heavy duty plastic bag available at your DIY store) or a brick in the cistern.
· Consider using a dual-flush toilet you have a modem toilet
· Wash your car with a bucket of rainwater, not a hose
· Repair all dripping taps
· When using a kettle - boil only the water you really need
· Use a mulch around flower beds for garden plants
· Sign up to a personal commitment to save water (click here for the water saving action plan)
Future topics to look out for are green roofs, large scale grey water systems and energy conservation.

Sylvia Davidson